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MiniM Technology Overview | Feb 10, 2010

MiniM Overview
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MiniM External ZDLL Call

ZDLL is MiniM Database Server extension to call external dll. Programmer can write his own functions and call dll from MiniM process using $zdll system function and call MiniM process from within dll.

ZDLL module has simple interface and allow variable count of function parameters, one function can accept for example one or two or three parameters depending requirements and inside dll programmer can check actual parameters count.

ZDLL allow to interact with different other systems or implement some specific application extensions.

Modules can be called once or can be loaded and called many times and unloaded. Between loading and unloading ZDLL module can hold any internal data and objects to be ready use.

Data to ZDLL module transfers as is, in internal representation and programmer can cast data into necessary representation.

While MiniM process work on limited memory resources, external zdll modules work with additional memory and administrator should count required computer memory to be enought to normal server work.

MiniM installation has some examples how to write ZDLL modules, how to call dll from MiniM process and how to call MiniM process from dll context and transfer data.

Standard MiniM installation already use ZDLL module zini.dll to call server settings from minim.ini and minimdb.ini files.

Some ZDLL extensions are already available on special Tools page, for example ODBC database query, registry access, NTLM authorization, and other. Some ones distributed with source code and can be used as additional examples to write own ZDLL extension.

For more information see this site topics, use search, or query additional info.

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