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MiniM Technology Overview | Feb 10, 2010

MiniM Overview
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MiniM as Transactional Database

MiniM Database Server implement transactional behavior with data stability. Transactional model include tstart, trollback and tcommit commands and $increment function.

MiniM transactional model based on journaling. Command tcommit fixes transaction and command trollback undo changes made by process whithin transaction since first tstart command.

Transactions can contain millions data changes and trollback can undo all ones, except $increment function side effect. Trollback command is not limited by operations count.

MiniM transactional architecture is complexy integrated with backup and recovery-on-start.

Backup subsystem implements full and different backup with compressed backup files and both are hot backup. Hot backup can be done without server stopping and with active transactions. Backup files plus data files plus journal files implement full data protection from hardware or software crashing.

After hardware crashing database start procedure use special journaling procedure with transaction rollback to implement correct transactional database state.

Pair side to backup action is restore action. This action restore database to state which is wrote in backup file plus updates databases from journal files. Restore procedure allow restore database after hardware datafile crashing.

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