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MiniM Additional Tools | Jan 9, 2012

ZDLL NTLM authorization module

ZNTLM is a MiniM ZDLL extension to interact with Windows builting security via NTLM.

Full NTLM functions contains many functionality including NTLM hashing. But current module only check user login + password for specified Windows domain.

Module installer offers to select MiniM installation and installs zdll module and routine %NTLM.

Routine %NTLM contains only one function VALIDATE to check login and password.



s check=$$VALIDATE^%NTLM("",login,passw)

Function return value 1 if this Windows domain contains this user with this password. If this domain does not contain this user or password does not mach this login, function return 0.

Domain argument may be empty string, in this case function checks existence in current Windows domain.

Download setup-zntlm.exe (for x86-32)(exe, 0.33Mb)
Download setup-zntlm_x64.exe (for x64)(exe, 0.32Mb)

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