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MiniM Additional Tools | Sep 19, 2010

Check validity of email address


$$a^zemch(Email Address)

0 - OK
1 - Syntax errors
2 - Contains non printable characters

In the email address: USER@HOST.DOMAIN

USER can be a literal e.g. "John. Bloggs:" (No further rules for literals so I have allowed adjacent punctuation characters)

HOST.DOMAIN can be an IP address e.g. []

Otherwise neither USER nor HOST is allowed to contain the reserved charactes: ()<>\,;:"[] space @ but may contain all other printable ACII characters.

It is assumed that no two VALID punctuations may be adjacent except when a literal or IP is involved.

DOMAIN must be either a 3 letter domain code or a 2 letter country code or the word 'localdomain'.

Note that a DOMAIN organisation is not concerned with how a HOST organisation allots USER names except that reserved characters have a meaning at DOMAIN level.

Interpreting the rules to the letter "sam@westpark" is a valid email address but we do not allow it on the assumption that host 'juno' (which controls its own user names) would not be so careless as to allow '@' in user names.

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Fred Siemaszko

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