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MiniM Additional Tools

How to dynamically load minimsc.dll from FreeBasic
Author Flavio Fornazier

MiniM InterConnect (ENG)

%AT - запуск заданий по шаблонам времени (RUS)
Author Alexandr Chudnovsky

MiniM CommandLine Tools (ENG)

Универсальный MUMPS-commander AltNC (RUS)
The Universal MUMPS(M) commander (Alt-NC) (ENG)
Author Andrew Vologdin

Генератор псевдослучайных чисел A4RNG (RUS)
Author Alexandr Chudnovsky

$ZSEARCH function emulation for MiniM

Python to MiniM Connection Example
Author Carlos Abreu

Author Alexandr Chudnovsky

MiniM ZDLL Module for wakeup events (ENG)

Утилита %RMD5 (RUS)
Author Alexandr Chudnovsky

Check validity of email address (ENG)

Working with the device |ZSSL| (ENG)
Author Alexandr Chudnovsky

Global Lister Utility (ENG)
Author Fred Siemaszko

MiniM ZDLL Module for External ActiveScript Engines (ENG)

ZDLL для доступа из MiniM к внешним ODBC источникам (RUS)

Демон портов и рутин (RUS)
Author Alexandr Chudnovsky

PHP to MiniM tcp/ip access example. Author Sergey Kanatnikov.
Download (zip, 2Kb)

ZDLL NTLM authorization module (ENG)

Использование библиотеки zlib1.dll ver 1.2.3 в MINIM (RUS)

MiniM ICMP ZDLL Utility

ZDLL module for MiniM to interact with Windows Registry

MiniMAccess Active-X DLL для доступа к MiniM (RUS)

XML parser written on MUMPS. Author Sergey Kanatnikov.
Download (zip, 10Kb)

XML parser based on ZDLL module and James Clark's parser. Author Alexandr Chudnovsky
Download zxmlpf.arj (arj, 180Kb)

Iconv ZDLL module. Author Alexandr Chudnovsky
Download ziconv.arj (arj, 0.65Mb)

MD5 and SHA-1 hash ZDLL module. Author Alexandr Chudnovsky
Download (zip, 50Kb)

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