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MiniM Additional Tools | RUS | Jun 2, 2012

The Universal MUMPS(M) commander (Alt-NC)

Download (zip, 1.75Mb)

Download (zip, 685Kb)

Download (zip, 160Kb)


The universal MUMPS (M) commander (Alt-NC written by Vologdin A.S. mailto

Alt-NC is a Menager for work with routines/globals in MUMPS systems. Work under MSM(4.0 and later),Cache, M21, M3-Lite, GT.M, MUMPS V1 (MUMPS 1.50 by Ray Newman), MINIM (By Evgenij Karataev), DATA TREE MUMPS (DTM) and adapted for IS GlobalsDB. Software have alfabetic interface and can work on consol of MUMPS systems and remote with telnet or ssh clients.

Software based on ideas of Osmanov R.M ( complex ^%WM*) All codes written by me. Alt-NC use only commands and functions ANSI Standard Specification (X1 1.1-1995) for the Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi Programming System (MUMPS).

Now exist two kind of alt-NC : percent variant and nonpercent variant.

If you can't use percent variant in system area, you can load nonpercent variant in in any another area and use from it.

example of panels

Alt-Nc Globals Editor

this is editor of routines

Alt-NC have integrated help

How to Install:

Import routines in system areas with standart utilites

MiniMFile anc*.rtn with uttility ^%RI (in area %SYS) or with help MiniM Control Center orwit help MiniM Routine Editor
MSMFile anc*.rtn with uttility ^%RR (usually MGR,SYS)
CacheFile anc*.rtn with uttility ^%RI (0 type (cache) in area %CACHELIB
M3-LiteFile anc*.rtn with uttility ^%RR^%M3(or rr) in area 1 in M3-Lite restore only in integreted terminal

M3-Lite is not correct MUMPS so I recomendate use for it version alt-nc 4.06 - it work correctly on M3 Later version alt-nc have some problems

M21File anc*.rtn with uttility ^%RR (usually MGR,SYS) in M21 I recomendate selective restoring
GT.MFile anc*.gtm with uttility ^%RI need REGION DEFAULT -RECORDSIZE=511 or grater -KEYSIZE=255
Mumps1.50 (R.Newman anc*.rtn with uttility ^%RR. Need block over 24. example configure mumps -s SYS -b 24 -s 2000 db.dat
DTMFile anc*.rtn with uttility ^%rload format .DSM
GlobalsDBSee instructions in inside of

To start type

d ^%aNC


d ^aaNC

for nonpercent variant)

Then you see registration window.

You can press enter without typing your identificator, if you use alt-nc as monopoly software (this is default name "0")

Or can press you privat identificator for saving for you private settings for working with alt-nc.


May be used consoles of Mumps System or any telnet or ssh clients,such as PuTTY , ttermpro , irlex and other.

Some terminals was defined by me . But if you terminal don't understand pressed keys you can define terminal key yourself by alt-nc define key programm which called by pressing CTRL-X in register or panels window. The terminals, which use by me , i am define by answerback, which understanding if server say to terminal " w $c(5)"

If terminal return "answerback "- this is type of terminal

If not - i use standart definition

if you want change the definition - press CTRL-X


If you know Norton commander, Midnight commander, Far - you don't have problem with work with alt-nc. All key (as possible) was adapted by me as in norton commander (or far) NC.

Don't forget, that all String block function work anywhere in alt-nc (only command line not support block functions). So you can copy ,for example, copying from routine editor to globals editor.

All String block functions is beginning by press CTRL-B (begin of block) and CTRL-W (end of block+save block).

Function of multi-lines block works only with routines editor (and some functions of globals editor).(For more see help) If you save any routine by routine editor, then old code of routine saved in bufer "deleted routine", which called by Shift-F8. (which saving 300 last edited routines) Routine editor have UNDO functions which called by SHIFT-F5 or CTRL-U Alt-Nc have integrated utilites to import/export routines/globals (This utilites understand many formats of imprort/export files) (Shift-F4/F5) Alt-Nc have integrated very very strong search utility in routines/globals.(SHIFT-F9)

Don't use in command line command BREAK.

Alt-Nc support English and Russian Lang. License: Alt-NC don't support DSM,ISM becouse I am never seen this system. (I can't find it)

Up to version of alt-nc 4.10 windows of alt-nc have size 80x24

From version 4.11 you can change size of window

For example I am use alt-nc with GT.M and PuTTY with size 120x38 (May be up to 132x48)

See follow

Remember that alt-nc don't know size of you terminal.

Alt-Nc have only one method to understand what terminal in work. -AnswerBack of terminal

So we say to alt-nc that size of terminals with this method AnswerBack = (PuTTY^Width x Height)

If you want (for example) use alt-nc with terminal which don't have answerback and you shure that size of you terminal is Width x Heght

You can start alt-nc from input point "W"

D W^%aNC(Width,Height)

Example -

D W^%aNC(120,38)

Remember that alt-nc don't know how you size of window really!!! It is impossable.

Be carefull!! Alt-NC use this routines:

%a,%aNC,%aNCA,%aNCB,%aNCC,%aNCG,%aNCGL,%aNCL,%aNCLRus,%aNCLEng,%aNCU,%aNCUF4, %aNCUF5,%aNCUF9,%aNCW,%aNOT,%aWM,%aWMB,%aWME,%aWMEL,%aWMGET,%aWML,%aWMM,%aWMS,%a WMR,%aWMW,%aYINI*(may be 00-100), %aZ,%aZCACHE,%aZGLO,%aZGTM,%aZM21,%aZMINIM,%aZMSM,%aZMUMPS.

And this globals: ^aaWin,^aWM,^aNC

Be shure that you don.t use this routines and globals in another projects.


How to configure PuTTY to use windows with size 120x38

AnswerBack = (PuTTY^Width x Height) = PuTTY^120x38

Download (zip, 1.75Mb)

Download (zip, 685Kb)

Download (zip, 160Kb)


Andrew Vologdin

Copyright (C) Eugene Karataev
Info Support