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MiniM Technology Overview | Jan 18, 2012

MiniM Overview
Client GUI Utilities
MiniM Debugger
Macro Preprocessor
MiniM Server Connect
MiniM Web Access
External ZDLL Call
MiniM Embedded Edition
Transactional Database
Language Extensions
MiniM Overview

MiniM Database is MUMPS-based client/server database management system. MiniM fully complements ANSI-1995 X.11 MUMPS standard and current ISO MUMPS standard. MiniM Database Server implements transactions and some language extensions.

MiniM server architecture is based on service + daemons + processes scheme and has primary goal data stability and conformation to MUMPS standard.

MiniM Server support many device types to interact with external systems, such as files, sockets, external processes, printers and others. See Devices for more information.

MiniM Server Connect is a client dll module which allow to call server from other client software built with different languages, such as C++, Delphi, ActivePerl, Java, C#, VB.NET and implement interface which can be used in other systems. See MiniM Server Connect for more information.

MiniM Web Access is CGI request processor for mwa pages. Pages can contain mwa tags to use MiniM functionality. MiniM Web Access work with Apache and IIS and can be integrated with other webserver throught standard CGI call. See MiniM Web Access for more information.

ZDLL interface allow MiniM process call external functions. ZDLL is one of other important integration possibilities. See tools page to select currently available ZDLL modules. See External ZDLL Call for more information.

Telnet interface allow to call MiniM Database from any other computer using any standard telnet client. Check settings of telnet port and run option. See Telnet for more information.

Console interface allow to run MiniM process locally and directly and use character-based intarface without other software. For example, do administrative tasks. See Console for more information.

MiniM Client GUI Utilities are included into full MiniM installation and can be installed separately. Utilities includes MiniM Routine Editor, MiniM Global Editor, MiniM Control Center and MiniM Collation Editor. See Client GUI Utilities for more information.

MiniM Database allow to use routine's and global's export / import using ANSI, MSM and Cache format.

MiniM implements some MUMPS-based language extensions, which are widely used by many programmers and in many applications, like $increment, $listbuild, $bit. Additionally MiniM supports builtin regular expressions functions and editable collation tables. See Language Extensions topic for more information.

For more information see this site topics, use search, or query additional info.

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