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MiniM Technology Overview | Feb 10, 2010

MiniM Overview
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MiniM Web Access

MiniM Web Access is a CGI processor of mwa pages. Programmers write text pages like html (or xml) page and include special mwa tags. Mwa processor scan page and execute directives or substitute expression values instead of mwa tags. Programmer has full control how to produce page, have access to CGI environment, to page parameters and can control cookies and http responce header.

Mwa tags seen like special tags in many other page processors. Fo example, tag eval:

<?eval "<b>"_$zcvt($zd($h,13),"O","XML")_"</b>"?>
While mwa module process page, tag is replaced to evaluated expression of MiniM language
Other mwa tags can inlude into processed page result of write command, include specified file, include specified file with processing mwa tags, control http headers. Also mwa contain flow control tags like <?if expr>, <?elif expr>, <?else>, <?while expr> and <?endwhile>.

For example:

<!-- start cycle condition -->
<?exec s count=1?>  
<!-- cycle condition checking -->  
<?while count<6 ?>

<p>Cycle iteration with count = <?eval count?>  

<!-- end of cycle and optional code to iterate cycle variable -->  
<?endwhile s count=count+1?>  

By default mwa content returns to webserver as text/html, but programmer can specify custom http header content type, for example one can be text/xml or image/gif.

MiniM Web Access is standard CGI module and can work with Apache, IIS and other webservers with CGI extensions.

MiniM Web Access has options to specify MiniM Database Server and option to limit connections to server. Administrator can reserve some number of processes to handle all mwa requests to server. All mwa requests will be pooled inside this limitation and handled correctly without any data and request loss.

Mwa can access any data length thought POST method and data is available using global data access or vis device |STORE| with read command. Mwa examples contain example how to upload file to server. For more information see mwa.pdf in installation directory.

For more information see this site topics, use search, or query additional info.

Copyright (C) Eugene Karataev
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