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MiniM Knowledge Base | Nov 17, 2011

How to run MiniM Tray Icon in Windows 7

When used in Windows OS, for example Windows 7, MiniM Tray Icon application cannot get enougth access to builtin MiniM service to properly run MiniM Database Server, This article describes how to solve this Windows problem.

First of all, we need to remove default shortcut to MiniM Tray Icon applicaiton from the Windows autostart menu. To run MiniM Database Server automatically on Windows start, enable this option in service's list, service of MiniM Database Server. Running of MiniM Tray Icon does not run or stop real MiniM Server.

At the next step we must create shortcut to run MiniM Tray Icon application (executable /bin/minimti.exe from MiniM installation directory), for example on the desktop:

At the next step go to shortcut options and select running this application from Administrator or select appropriate option of this shortcut:

In the options dialog select additional option:

And choose running from the Administrator:

After this setting up of MiniM Tray Icon application Windows can run this application with enougth rights to start and stop builtin service of MiniM Database Server.

All other menu items in tray menu must work independently of the minimti.exe running options. See in details what telnet application was specified in the minimti.ini settings file. Some latest Windows versions can does not contain Telnet application by default. We need to copy this application from earlier Windows version, or setup additional telnet client.

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