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MiniM Knowledge Base | Dec 15, 2010

How to change value in the MiniM Global Editor

MiniM Global Editor allow to select one of available global name or enter nonexistent. If operator selects one of available global name, Global Editor show the tree of this global starting from selected name.

In the global's tree are shown names and values of each global node. In the most cases first part of the global's value is enough for operator to make decision about data state. By default MiniM Global Editor show up to 200 characters and this limit can be changed in the settings.

At the same time in the bottom of MiniM Global Editor window is shown full value of selected global name. Editor can show the value in the two formats - as an ordinal string and as a list. In both cases value is displayed in the MUMPS syntax. In special cases MiniM Global Editor can use special syntax possibilities such as concatenation operator, $c() function and double quotes.

On the selection of display format as a list MiniM Global Editor try to decode value in the $lb() format and show separate parts of the list. If this value have not $lb format, value is shown as an ordinal string.

In the same time MiniM Global Editor can change selected or entered global name's value, to change value click the button with the tick.

On save of new value MiniM Global Editor apologies that the new value is entered in the MUMPS notation too and executes assignment.

One of usable possibility of this mode is allowing to enter any MUMPS expression including system variables, system or user functions etc. In any case MiniM Global Editor evaluates full value of this expression and saves the result.

For example, if operator enter the following expression

$j_" abc "_$H

before assign

on assignment MiniM Global Editor evaluates this expression and saves the value like the string

1492 abc 61904,52262


And, after selection this name again, MiniM Global Editor show current value as a string:


If operator use the "As List" page, MiniM Global Editor display possible list structure and this value is displayed in the MUMPS syntax. Operator can change values of need part of the list, including indented list elements.

So, if operator use MiniM Global Editor, any value of the global name can be changed using the MUMPS syntax and all supported by MiniM system variables, functions, operators or other global variables.

Eugene Karataev

Copyright (C) Eugene Karataev
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