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MiniM Knowledge Base | Nov 21, 2010

Sample how to Exchange Data between MiniM and Excel

On the "Form" worksheet is sample how to work witn VBA form.

The "Connect" button executes connection to MiniM Database Server and activates other buttons.

The "Xecute" button executes on the server the command line from appropriate textbox.

The "GetValue" button exaluates on the server expression from own textbox and places the result into the "Result" textbox.

The "Disconnect" button executes disconnection from the MiniM Database Server.

The "Load" worksheet contains 10*50=500 values and the button to run VBA code for load values to the MiniM Database Server.

Application measure and display the time to load data.

The "Read" worksheet contains two buttons to run two programs to read 500 values from the MiniM Database Server.

The test_read subroutine executes 500 calls to the MiniM Database Server and outputs data to the Excel worksheet. Subroutines measure and display time to read data.

The test_fast_read subroutine executes data read by the $list lists by the 10 values, i.e. for 50 calls to the MiniM Database Server.

On my computer the test_fast_read subroutine executes up to 2 times faster than the test_read subroutine.

It is interesting that data loading executes faster even than "fast" read. This mean the Excel writes the values (on data reading from database) slower than MiniM server writes this data into the database.

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Dirks Dmitry

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