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MiniM Knowledge Base

Convert nested lists to a string

About MiniM usage

How to Save File to Global

How to call MiniMSCX ActiveX from Xojo

MiniM + JSON

ZDLL file extension

NetTerm printing manual

Linux console and UTF-8 (RUS)

How to get $Y and $X for telnet

How to Change MiniM Console Size

Difference between MiniM x86 and MiniM x64

Hard Drive Configuration for MiniM

How to use 32-bit MiniM Performance Counters on Windows x64

Ctrl+C handling in MiniMono host application

How to run MiniM Tray Icon in Windows 7

How to use CSV files

How to Dynamically Load minimsc.dll

Useful Regular Expressions

Transaction difference between MiniM and Cache

How to Create Empty Database for MiniMono

How to handle end of file

MiniM Database Server Start Sequence

How to Create MiniM Shell Script in MUMPS

How to Create MiniM Database

Sample how to Exchange Data between MiniM and Excel

How to create custom $Z variable

How to send SMTP mail with attachment

MiniM connection troubleshooting

How to install ActiveX for MiniM Server Connect

How to remove and insert list elements

About block export of globals

How to validate syntax of MUMPS line

How to change MiniM Server Connect port

How to get code of key pressed in CHUI

How MiniM implements transaction sequence number

How to Intercept Output using STORE Device

How to Specify Routine's or Global's Database

SSH авторизация на ключах (RUS)

MiniM Language Changes Related to MDC

How to Encode Byte Sequence to BASE64

Routine export file formats

Global export file formats

How to change value in the MiniM Global Editor

How to Calculate Routine Modification Date and Time

On the canonical numerical indices representation in the MUMPS language

How to Create Routine Programmatically

How to Run External Process and Exchange Data

Using minim.exe from batch files

How to create ZDLL module installer on InnoSetup

How to use MiniM as a CGI module

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