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MiniM Knowledge Base | Jan 12, 2011

How to Create MiniM Database

One of the first tasks of MiniM administrator is initial database creation and configuration. This article describes step-by-step how to create one more MiniM database and how to specify database options.

For new database creation must be used MiniM Control Center. In the menu Configurations select menu item Database Configuration:

In the following database configuration dialog select addition of the new database:

In the database specification dialog enter new database name, check database options and add root data file for database, click Add button:

Here database options mean:

Auto expand data files
Data files can grows by size automatically as need. In most cases this option is recommended.
Mount on server start
Database must be used on server start an be accessible. In most cases this option is recommended.
Database is readonly
This database is for read only and all globals changes are refined.
Automatically create database on server start
Data file for this database must be recreated into empty state on server start. This option mostly used for temporary databases, where dta are unneed after server stop.
Journal data changes
Enable journaling of global changes. This option must be used if transaction rollbacks are needed or database must be restorable from backup with adding journal records. In most cases this option is recommended.

On the picture is shown initial options state for ordinal application databases. This databases grows by size as need, ready to use on server start, store globals after server start and transactions canbe rolled back.

Name of the database must contains from latin letters and digits and first symbol must be letter. Common database name length must be up to or less then 31 symbols only. One MiniM instance must have databases with different names and database names are used case insensitive.

In the data file addition dialog enter name for the datafile and specify size limit:

If file name was specified without disk and directories, this file will be created in the /bin subdirectory of MiniM Database Server and still work, but this is not recommended. It is recommended to specify only full file names in the server's file system.

If size grows limit was not specified, this file will grows by need unlimited up to possible size limited by file system. If administrator want to create database consisted of only one file, size limit can be unspecified. Otherwise administrator must specify file size limit for each data file except last extent. Size limit for last extent can be specified by administrator opinion.

All files size limit except last extent are mandatory becouse MiniM will be automatically grows file size starting from the first data file and need to know when must allocate new space on the nest file specified.

After configuration of the new database consisted of only one data file we got the following configuration:

After pressing the OK button we go to server database configuration including new database:

After database configuration have been changed server changes only configuration definition in the initialisation file and create initial data files as need. In this example was changes in the file minimdb.ini:


And, moreover, in the w:\minim\db\ subdirectory was created initial data file appdb.dat with initial size of 1 Mb by default.

All changes made in the initialisation files MiniM Database Server accepts only on next start and to activate changes we need to restart MiniM server:

After start of MiniM server new database is active and avaiable with options specified on configuration:

Administrator can add databases as need and specify data file's place where this need. Moreover, administrator can change database options for available databases.

Eugene Karataev

Copyright (C) Eugene Karataev
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