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MiniM Knowledge Base | Jul 16, 2012

How to Change MiniM Console Size

If default Windows console size 80x25 does not match to developer needs, console size can be changed.

If developer run MiniM console, this window uses default Windows console functionality, and by default use standard size 80x25 symbols. Device with type |CON|, which is used for console as principal device, can control size of console window. To do this need to be applied options

to the principal device ($PRINCIPAL). Options are used case insensitive.

By default MiniM console appear like the following:

Real colors and frame decorations are depended from current Windows settings.

Now we change width of this window from default 80 to 60 symbols, using the /COLUMNS option:

Now we change height of console window from default 25 to 50 symbols, using the /LINES option:

Now we revert width of console to 80 symbols:

If it is need, we can specify much more lines or columns, and if not all lines can be displayed, Windows automatically apply scrollbars for console scrolling:

This long window mode is much useful id application make output to the screen big number of lines, and scroll can return and see much more lines.

If is used only one option for device, this option can be applied in parentheses ot not, but if simultaneously are applied two or more options, they must be applied in parentheses:

u $p:(/lines=500:/columns=100)

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