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MiniM Knowledge Base | Oct 19, 2010

MiniM connection troubleshooting

If MiniM GUI Utilities, or MWA, or other application based on MiniM Server Connect have some troubles to connect to MiniM Database Server, it is recommended check the following list of possible connection troubles.

1. Connection handling process ^%srv does not run

By default connection handling process is run in autostart.m script file. To check this process was active run in console or in telnet the following command:

d ^%srv

On first start is displayed the following message:

MiniM server.
MiniM server is running.

And on other secondary:

MiniM server.
Server is already running.

The message "Server is already running" can be displayed even if connection handling process cannot use connection port and this IP port number is already in use by other processes.

2. Connection handling process failed to use specified IP port number.

By default server wait incoming TCP/IP connections on port number 5000. This port number can be changed, see

It is possible, the port number was specified for MiniM Server Connect is already in use by other processes. To check this port is free stop MiniM Database Server and check port numbers in use by Windows console utility

netstat -a

Or with special port monitoring utility PortMon.

If MiniM Server Connect port is already in use, it is required to change port number.

3. Connection service process failed to run.

To service incoming connections MiniM Server Connect runs one new MiniM process for each incoming connection.

Process can fail to run if MiniM Database Server is reached limit by process count. Limits by process count are cpesified in the license file minim.lic and in configuration file minim.ini. MiniM Database Server use minimal value from ones.

Process can fail to run if operating system reached internal resource limits to support this number of processes on current hardware. It is recommended to increase RAM.

4. Client programs or MWA use incorrect computer name or IP address or TCP/IP port number.

Check that client programs or MWA use correct computer name or IP address to connect to and valid TCP/IP port number. If local network use DHCP it is recommended to use computer names instead of IP address.

5. Firewalls settings.

In the case of usage firewalls or antiviral toolkits with firewalls, it is recommended to check firewall settings to allow to accept incoming TCP/IP connections to MiniM Database Server. Need to allow the following:

mnmsvc.exe handle telnet incoming connections
minim.exe handle MiniM Server Connect incoming connections

See appropriate firewall settings to allow to work this processes with configured TCP/IP port numbers. If MiniM Database Server executes other process who wait incoming connections to other TCP/IP ports, allow this ports too.

Eugene Karataev

Copyright (C) Eugene Karataev
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