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MiniM Knowledge Base | Oct 6, 2010

How to change MiniM Server Connect port

Some administrative configuration tasks are required to change TCP/IP port to connect to MiniM Database Server. Next is described how to do this.

Server side of MiniM Server Connect use as TCP/IP port number value of global name


If this value is not specified, server side use by default value of 5000:

n port=$g(^%SRV("port"),5000)

To change value of port administrator must change value of global variable or insert this changes into commands uxecuted from autostart.m. After this changed made administartor must restart MiniM Database Server or stop and run server side of MiniM Server Connect again executing the following commands:

d stop^%srv
d ^%srv

After this changes made server side of MiniM Server Connect will use as the TCP/IP port new value.

To correctly change connection options it is also required to change port numbers in client utilities connection settings. Run any MiniM Gui tool, for example MiniM Routine Editor and in dialog of connection selection select one of connection to change and click button "Edit". Next change number of port and save changes made. This action is required for all connections are used in he client tools.

Moreover, administrator must change number of port in MiniM Web Access configuration file mwa.ini if MWA is used with this instance of MiniM Database Server.

To use examples of MiniM Server Connect are installed it is required to check TCP/IP port really used on the server. All MiniM Server Connect examples are use port number 5000 by default.

To select new TCP/IP port value administrator must anderstand that MiniM Server Connect port number is not a part of standard TCP ports and is selected from greatest ports numbers. To correctly select new port value I recommend to consult with Microsoft document:

Service overview and network port requirements for the Windows Server system

and check numbers of ports currently used on this computer by other software, for example, with netstat utility:

netstat -a

To change number of telnet port it is required to change value of port in MiniM configuration file minim.ini, section Telnet, key Port, for example:


After change telnet port it is required to restart MiniM Database Server to accept changes been made and change connection ports in used client telnet software.

Eugene Karataev

Copyright (C) Eugene Karataev
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