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MiniM Knowledge Base | Dec 22, 2011

How to use 32-bit MiniM Performance Counters on Windows x64

32-bit MiniM Performance Counters are not accessible on Windows x64 in ordinal way. This article describes what need to be performed.

Windows Performance Counters are special dynamic link libraries and are called by Windows. 32-bit MiniM installation contains 32-bit Performance Counters too and cannot be loaded by default 64-bit Windows Performance Monitor or other 64-bit monitoting tool.

To use 32-bit Performance Counters of installed software Windows x64 contains parallel 32-bit installation of Windows Performance Monitor and this edition can use and show 32-bit MiniM (and, of course, other software) Performance Counters.

To see 32-bit Performance Counters on Windows x64 run the following from the Start button:

Start | Run | mmc.exe /32 perfmon.msc

This command runs 32-bit edition of Windows Performance Monitor as a Microsoft Management Console, or run


Where c:\windows is a system directory of Windows installation. Windows x64 contains special directory for WOW64 subsystem with some set of applications for 32-bit compatability, including 32-bit Performance Monitor.

Otherwise, in ordinal MiniM Server installation, MiniM Performance Counters does not differentiate from Windows 32-bit.

Anyway, I recommend to use last available MiniM Database Server version.

Eugene Karataev

Copyright (C) Eugene Karataev
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