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MiniM Technology Overview | May 1, 2014

MiniM Overview
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MiniM Licensing Details

MiniM Database Server uses the following licensing conventions:

  • MiniM Database Server is available for free download and can be easy installed. This version is full-functional and contains all need builtin tools.
  • MiniM Database Server is limited by process count. One process is one MUMPS job. License key does not limit the database file size or the database cache size.
  • To enable need process number in the server administrator should place license file (minim.lic) into /bin subdirectory of MiniM instance.
  • MiniM Database Server allow to run 3 free engineering process plus licensed (purchased) process number.
  • Without license file or with expired license file MiniM Database Server counts licensed process number as 0 and allow to run only free 3 engineering process.
  • Administrators or developers can use free 3 engineering processes for any purpose.
  • One license key must be used in one MiniM instance, and different MiniM instances must use different license keys.
  • If license key does not contain limitation by time, this key never expires.
  • License key can be used in other MiniM instance if current instance was uninstalled.
  • License key is applicable to all next MiniM versions, so upgrade of MiniM instance is free.
  • License key and price are independent of operating system version, number of hardware processors, memory size, processor architecture, number of used databases or any other factors.
  • Trial license keys for 2-3-4 month are free.
  • MiniM Client Tools and MiniMono are free.

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