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MiniM Technology Overview | Feb 10, 2010

MiniM Overview
Client GUI Utilities
MiniM Debugger
Macro Preprocessor
MiniM Server Connect
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External ZDLL Call
MiniM Embedded Edition
Transactional Database
Language Extensions
MiniM Language Extensions

MiniM Database Server is based on MUMPS language and complements ANSI and current ISO language standard. In addition MiniM implements some useful language and builtin system function extensions.

New with Initialization

New command can contain variable initialization and combite new and assign commands, for example

new a,b=123,c="str",d
got results a and d are newed, and b and c are newed and have initial values 123 and "str".

$QS with assignment

$QS can be assigned as

s $qs(glvn,n)=expr

$LISTXXX Functions

$LIST functions are implemented like cache $listxxx functions with compatible data encoding.

$BITXXX Functions

$BITXXX functions are implemented with cache $BITXXX behavior but with different compression algorithm and incompatible with cache on binary representation.

Lasy Logical Operators

Lasy logical operators are implemented with cache's lazy logical syntax and behavior.

Subroutine Parameter Passing

MiniM implements subroutine parameter passing with constant initialization and with variable-length argument list.

$ZPCREXXX Functions

$ZPCREXXX functions allow to use regular expressions to match, search and replace in strings.

Extended System Structured Variables

MiniM allow to apply to system structured variables read and kill operations, for example kill ^$LOCK(...) removes lock independently on lock owning and kill ^$JOB(...) terminates specified MiniM process.

Extended $Z and $VIEW Functions

MiniM implement some useful $z and $VIEW functions to encode data, get info about current state and to control current state.

All function, operator and system structured variables definitions contains in MiniM Language Guide (minimlang.pdf).

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