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MiniM Downloads | May 26, 2022

MiniM Database Server version 1.32 Release Notes

Fixed error in starting of MiniMono virtual machine.

Fixed error in parsing LOCK with index indirection.

Fixed error in parsing LOCK argument indirection with timeout.

Fixed error in diagnostics on minimwa for Linux and MacOSX.

Added function $v("dev",10) to read current width / height of console screen.

Added M60 error (calling to unimplemented SSVN).

Fixed error on GUI side of debugger.

Fixed error in interaction with expand daemon in high load mode.

Fixed errors in daemon-to-process interaction in Linux and in start-stop procedure.

Added removing most of empty subdirectories after uninstallation to Linux-based uninstallers.

Added option to cancel uninstallation to Linux-based uninstallers.

Copyright (C) 2022 Eugene Karataev
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