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MiniM Downloads | May 20, 2016

MiniM Database Server version 1.25 Release Notes

Version 1.25 cannot be used in upgrade becouse has incompatible internal floating point numbers encoding. Before install over available instance export all data and routines in text formats, remove datafiles, BIJ file in /bin subdirectory and all journal files in /journal subdirectory, install new instance of 1.25 and inport globals and routines again.

Fixed error in MiniM Control Center in adding database.

Fixed error with database file expanding.

Fixed error in routine editor for linux in routine name filtering.

Fixed error with internal representation of floating point numbers, and versions since 1.25 has another binary file formats - datafiles, before image journals and journals.

Adjusted fomatting of floating point numbers.

Fixed error in installers with replacing license file.

Fixed error in installer of MiniMono for Windows x64.

Improved performance of journaling operations.

Improved perfrmance in lock commands in some cases.

Fixed error in connecting by TCP of MiniM Server Connect module for Windows.

Fixed error in MNMListGet function in MiniM Server Connect module.

Fixed error with # operator with floating point arguments.

Fixed eror with using socket after accept in read / write commands.

Fixed error with naked reference behaviour in the MERGE command.

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