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MiniM Embedded Edition (Win64) Content List

MiniM Embedded Edition Installer setup the following applications, tools, documentation and additional files:

  • MiniMono Dynamic Link Library for Windows x64
  • MiniMono Routine Editor
  • MiniMono Global Editor
  • MiniM Collation Editor
  • MiniMono command-line interface
  • MiniMono console interface
  • Initial content of system routines
  • Default empty database file
  • MiniM Language Guide
  • MiniM Advanced Guide
  • Default set of collation files
  • Interface files for C++, Delphi and C#
  • Examples for C++, Delphi and C#
  • JNI module and Java examples
  • ZDEVICE Examples
  • ZDLL Examples
  • Current build release notes
  • MiniMono Uninstaller

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