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MiniM Database Server for Linux Content List

MiniM for Linux for ARM processor means two versions - 32 bits and 64 bits. 32 bits versions was built for ARMv6 processor and can be run on the ARMv7 and later versions. If you have some proessors with ARM v7 NEON extensions - I can congratulate you - this extensions does not required for DBMS and NEON features does not need by the MUMPS in any incarnations. MiniM for ARM64 means processor ARMv8 architecture. Hope, ypu are really have enought memory to be 64 bit.

MiniM Database Server Installer setup the following applications, tools, documentation and additional files:

  • MiniM Launcher for Server and Tools
  • MiniM Service
  • MiniM Write Daemon
  • MiniM Journal Daemon
  • MiniM Expand Daemon
  • MiniM Executable
  • MiniM Control Center
  • MiniM Routine Editor with Debugger
  • MiniM Global Editor
  • MiniM Collation Editor
  • Start script
  • Restart script
  • Stop script
  • ZDLL for ini files access
  • ini file with server and database configuration
  • Default database files for %SYS, USER and TEMP
  • Initial content of system routines
  • Trial License Key
  • MiniM Language Guide
  • MiniM Advanced Guide
  • MiniM Server Connect with examples for different programming languages for Windows and Linux
  • MiniM Server Connect for Java with examples
  • ActiveX for MiniM Server Connect
  • MiniM Web Access for Linux
  • MiniM Web Access Examples
  • MiniM Web Access Documentation
  • Default set of collation files
  • ZDEVICE Examples
  • ZDLL Examples
  • Current build release notes
  • MiniM Uninstaller for Linux is included into MiniM Installer and must be run with -u option under sudo.

Copyright (C) Eugene Karataev
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