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MiniM Installation Notes

Windows versions
Linux versions
FreeBSD versions
Mac OSX versions

Windows versions

MiniM Client Tools may be installed and used free on any computer and work with MiniM Database Server. Operating systems of this comptures may differs anyway.

Full set of MiniM Client Tools already is included into MiniM Database Server installer.

Windows installers for Win32 and Win64 both are 32-bit applications and installer of MiniM for Win46 may be run on Win32, unlike this installer check target processor and stops execution with diagnostic message.

MiniM Client Tools have no any separate Win64 versions becouse Windows x86-64 by default support running Win32 applications.

After downloading installers may be executed in ordinal way, they are executables.

Installers must be run from directory which is acceptable from any Windows user's account. Check it is not drive got by subst command or user-specific network share.

To run MiniM Tray Icon and control for the MiniM Database Server on some Windows editions minimti.exe must be run with Administrator rights. Create and edit shortcut for MiniM Tray Icon or see steps in document: How to run minimti on Windows 7 (RUS).

Linux versions

Linux x86-32 cannot run applications for Linux x86-64. MiniM installers for Linux x86-64 are x86-64 execuables and cannot be run in Linux x86-32.

Linux x86-64 by defaut does not enable running of 32-bit applications, but this option can be enabled manually.

MiniM versions for Linux x86-32 and for Linux x86-64 have identical functionality, but x64 edition can use much more memory.

MiniM installers does not distinquish Linux version - Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, or any other and can work on any Linux with appropriate processor.

Manual installation steps depended on Linux version are installing MiniM Web Access for Apache WebServer. Each Linux version may have different default conventions about cgi-bin and other directories placing.

Linux installers are self-extracted executables and files after downloading and before executing must got executable flag:

chmod +x installername

All MiniM installers must be run under sudo:

sudo ./installname

So, if current user is not in sudoers group, user shall be included into sudoers group or installer must be run from different user's account.

Installers are uninstallers too. To run installer as an uninstaller, run it with an -u option:

sudo ./installname -u

FreeBSD versions

FreeBSD is very stable, fast and perspective UNIX-like operating system with many powerful technologies like ZFS. Unlike, now FreeBSD developeds decided to use by default CLANG compiler instead of GCC compiler. MiniM does not use GCC at work, but has been compiled with standard C++ conventions like exception handling and cannot be run properly on default installation of modern versions of FreeBSD (9, 10) becouse operating system uses C++ runtime libraries from CLANG and points to them all executables.

CLANG has not full runtime support of C++ exception handling - exceptions can be thrown but not all cases can be catched properly. GCC has not this bugs. MiniM uses only runtime libraries (set of .so dynamic libraries) deployed by GCC installer.

Before installing MiniM need to be properly installed GCC. I recommend to consult with an official FreeBSD article from

Raphael Ahrens was wrote good short description of this process:

You can install GCC 4.9 by building it from ports with
cd /usr/port/lang/gcc49; make install clean

or if you have portmaster

portmaster -DHB lang/gcc49

or if you prefer packages with

pkg install lang/gcc49

If you change lang/gcc49 to lang/gcc you will install the most recent stable version of GCC currently this is GCC 4.7.

When you want to build all your ports with GCC instead of Clang you have to edit /etc/make.conf and add

.if !empty(.CURDIR:M/usr/ports/*) && exists(/usr/local/bin/gcc49)

and edit /etc/libmap.conf and add there   gcc49/    gcc49/    gcc49/     gcc49/  gcc49/

Here is an article from which explains this in more detail.

But you don't really need GCC for the ports, all ports that already depend on GCC will use GCC.

This installation really are need by modern FreeBSD versions, especially in the library mapping section. I hope that the FreeBSD development group will revert GCC back to the default C++ compiler and will use libraries from GCC, or CLANG development group will fix their bugs with exception handling, or FreeBSD installer in future versions will fix this problem by any other way.

Also, FreeBSD by default can be installed without sudo command, and, if this is true, MiniM can be installed under the root account or sudo package must be installed first and user must be in the sudoers group.

Other MiniM installation steps are simple. MiniM installers are self-extracted executables. After downloading this installers must got executable flag:

chmod +x installername

All MiniM installers must be run under sudo:

sudo ./installname

Installers are uninstallers too. To run installer as an uninstaller, run it with an -u option:

sudo ./installname -u

In depends of FreeBSD version and MiniM version after installing MiniM Launcher or other GUI tools can be absent, and in this case MiniM Database Server must be running by script in the /bin subdirectory of MiniM instance. Running state can be checked by running command

./mnmsvc -state
in the /bin subdirectory. This command outputs current running state of this MiniM instance.

Mac OSX versions

Run Web browser and point to download page on this site. Select Mac OSX version you did selected (32 or 64 bit) and download by link. Mac OSX software downloads by default in depend of the browser you are using. For example, browser Safari uses directory


Most of used browsers allow to select target directory to download to.

After downloading run console terminal and change current directory to directory where you downloaded installer. And in terminal change executable rights of this file:

chmod +x setup-minim_1.23_darwin-x64

After this installer can be executed. Run it under sudo:

bash-3.2$ sudo ./setup-minim_1.23_darwin-x64 
MiniM Database Server 1.23 Installer.
Copyright (C) 2020 Eugene Karataev
Installer is switched to install mode.
Select new installation or one of available to upgrade:
 +) New MiniM instance
 -) Cancel installation
Enter your choice: 

And follow the instructions and questions he will ask.

After installer completes installation, run Finder, point them to installed Applications list and select MiniM Launcher for installed MiniM instance. You can install several MiniM instances which may be runned and stopped independently.

MiniM Launcher can start / stop this MiniM instance, show current offline documentation for this version and run set of development and administration GUI tools as such as MiniM Console.

Mac OSX is, by default, 64 bit version if running on 64 bit hardware and 32 bit version if running on 32 hardware. Anyway this operating system enables running of 32 software for Mac OSX on the 64 bit hardware. So, you can run 32 bit Client Tools on the 64 bit system without any special things.

To see more detailed instructions with screenshots see current Getting Started Guide.

Eugene Karataev

Copyright (C) Eugene Karataev
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