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MiniM Technology Overview | Feb 10, 2010

MiniM Overview
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MiniM Devices

MiniM Database Server support many device types. Devices allow to interact with many other systems and with simple read and write commands use many input and output OS possibilities.

MiniM Database Server currently implement:

Device allow to interact with computer's COM port and devices over COM port such as modems or cheque printer.
Device automatically creates for console run mode. This device process escape sequences to use color symbols highlightning. Device read from keyboard and output to character console.
Device allow read and write file in computer file system, delete and create one and use file locking and truncation.
Device allow to communicate different processes with each other using internal server data buffers.
Device allow to lost data on write and immediately return empty string on read command.
Device run external process and allow write to one's stdinput and read one's stdoutput. For example, run OS commands like dir to get output without temporary files.
Device operate with available printers and set some printer options like page orientation or color mode or print quality. After change settings device can write to printer text or binary PCL commands.
Device automatically created while MiniM process runs with -std option and can read from own stdinput stream and write to own stdoutput stream. This mode can be used in external intergation tasks to get MiniM commands output.
Device allow to read from and to write to global or local variables with automatically subnode changing or creation. This device type can be used for example as spooler or to get MiniM Web Access parameters with long data.
Device allow to use tcp/ip sockets to read from and to write to. Sockets can be concurrent and MiniM Database allow to run child process with current socket on the same tcp/ip port. TCP device widely used in modern internet integration tasks, for example to mail notification messages.
Device automatically creates while MiniM process run for each telnet connection. Device interact with telnet client using telnet protocol.
MiniM Database Server allow to define custom mnemonics routines to handle mnemonics. Mnemonic in read or write commands counts as subroutines calls.

Devices are controlled by open, use and close commands options depending on device types. See for comments MiniM Language Guide (minimlang.pdf).

Additionally MiniM Database Server implements user-defined device types as ZDEVICE extensions. It is external DLL with special handlers for each possible operation with device, such as open, use, read, write and other and information functions such as KEY or $ZEOF evaluation. It is possible to implement any other device types and use inside MUMPS programs as an ordinal MUMPS device.

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Copyright (C) Eugene Karataev
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