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MiniM Copyright Notice

MiniM Database Server is developed by Eugene Karataev.

MUMPS language is developed by Neil Pappalardo, now the CEO/Chairman of MEDITECH.

MiniM Database Server contains third-party tools and modules:

  • Zlib compression library, developed by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler.
  • Part or $zcvt conversion algorithms developed by MoonWolf
  • Balanced RB-Tree algorithm developed by Andrea Arcangeli
  • Regular expressions as pcre developed by Philip Hazel
  • Some methods pattern-to-pcre conversions developed by Matthew Lockner
  • Checksum calculations crc16 & crc32 developed by Lammert Bies
  • Service scheme developed by Sergey Holodilov The RSDN Group
  • $list functions encoding developed by Dmitry Martynoff
  • MUMPS language reference supported by Ed de Moel
  • Apple PackBits RLE compression

MiniM Database Server has been tested with participation of:

  • Alexander Drozdov
  • Alexander Chudnovsky
  • Sergey Kanatnikov
  • Andrew Vologdin
  • Pavel Pasechnik
  • Eugene Popov
  • Paul Simon
  • Eduardo Campos
  • Michael Zingrebe
  • Gustavo Pedro
  • Flavio Fornazier
  • Carlos Abreu
  • Luis Antonio
  • Luis Cesar
  • Iver Erling Arva
  • Vallo Simonlatser
  • Dimitry Livensky
  • Dmitry Dirks

Eugene Karataev

Copyright (C) Eugene Karataev
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