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MiniM Technology Overview | Feb 10, 2010

MiniM Overview
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MiniM Embedded Edition
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Language Extensions
MiniM Console

MiniM Database Server allow to tun MiniM process on server as Windows console. To start process in console mode run minim.exe without parameters.

Console process has CON principal device. This device read data from keyboard and write to console screen.

Console mode is very useful to run administrative tasks such as interactive import - export or backup - restore database.

MiniM Console support mnemonic to handle escape sequences to color symbols and programmers can build CHUI applications as such as telnet applications.

Console screen can be expanded to full-screen mode and users may use fast keyboard-only input.

MiniM Console can be run only on the same computer with MiniM Database Server and is useful to make small fast-input applications. Developers can use pseudographics to show frames or input-output controls or menus.

Many legacy MUMPS applications are developed as CHUI applications and can be ported to MiniM Database Server with small or no changes and can be run in console or telnet mode. While console runs locally telnet applications runs remotely.

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