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MiniM Technology Overview | Feb 10, 2010

MiniM Overview
Client GUI Utilities
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MiniM Embedded Edition
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MiniM Client GUI Utilities

MiniM installer include some useful GUI utilities. They can work with MiniM Database Server remotely and locally using TCP/IP connection.

MiniM Routine Editor

MiniM Routine Editor allow edit and compile available routines as such as create new routine. Also Routine Editor allow to export and import routines, globals and compiled bytecode.

MiniM Routine Editor

Routine Editor has powerfull MiniM syntax highlightning and search in currently opened routine as such as search in routines on the server.

Routine Editor can print routines using MiniM syntax highlightning.

MiniM Global Editor

MiniM Global Editor allow to view, edit and kill any global data in MiniM Database. Globals show as natural tree and global data can bew viewed as simple text and as decoded lists.

MiniM Global Editor

Global Editor has options how many nodes fetch from database to prevent fetching all database from the server.

MiniM Control Center

MiniM Control Center control all current server settings, can export and import routines, globals and compiled bytecode, control available server locks and jobs. Special possibilities of Control Center is to control database files configuration.

MiniM Control Center

MiniM Control Center can run Routine Editor or Global Editor to show routine or global details.

MiniM Client GUI Utilities can be installed using separate installer. See download page.

All GUI Utilities checks server authorisation settings and ask login and password if needed ones.

For more information see this site topics, use search, or query additional info.

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